Yasuhida ITO (b.1960)

ITO Yasuhide was born in 1960 in Japan. He graduated at Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku (Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) in 1986. He received first prize at the Shizuoka Music Competition (Piano), third prize of the Japan Music Competition (Composition), and the Academy prize of the Band Masters Academic Society of Japan.

As a composer, he is well known for more than 60 band works, including the famous 'Gloriosa' and 'Festal Scenes'. Many of his works for Chamber music, with wind instruments, have been published and performed throughout the world.

Recently he has dedicated his talents to vocal music composition and has written over 130 works. His first opera, 'Mr. Cinderella,' was premiered in 2001 and received high acclaim and made a great impact among followers of Japanese Opera.

Besides his career as a composer, he is also a well-known pianist, and has co-starred with many leading players including Trevor Wye, William Bennett, Steven Mead, Brian Bowman, Miura Toru and Sugawa Nobuya.

As a conductor, he has performed with many bands, including the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, in their 'Asian Concert Tour 2002', on behalf of maestro Frederic Fennel.

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